Secret Menu – Dedicated to our beloved foodies.

We in the South Bay don’t get the respect we deserve in terms of food appreciation. When we started Little Chef Counter, we wanted to change that. We wanted to bring great food and culinary passion to your south bay door-steps. Throw out the white cloth tables, the 5-star service, and all you have is a kitchen and a counter. A passionate kitchen dedicated on serving great dishes and a counter to welcome you into our Little Chef family.

Last night, we had the pleasure of serving a dish any passionate foodie would appreciate: a Fras Gras Poutine. It was our first off-menu item and we were pleased to see that it was well received by everyone. The dish sold out in a matter of a few hours!



The Fras Gras Poutine was only a precursor and peak to what’s to come in the near future. From now on, Little Chef Counter will dedicate an on-going secret menu to our beloved South Bay foodies (we know you’re out there.)

Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to see what we’ll have next week as we’ll no longer announce it via twitter or FB. Of course we’ll still have our occasional Little Chef Spotlight dishes, but our secret menu item will certainly have your mouth watering for days. 

What’s next? More Foie?

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